Guide Rail Components

Steele Plastics Inc. manufactures stainless steel guide rail systems for 1-1/4″ and 2″ vertical discharge pumps. The use of an O-ring sealed brass quick disconnect allows easy pump removal without the need to enter the wet well, and allows the check valve to be removed with the pump. We manufacture one piece rail assemblies from 4 feet thru 30 feet in 6” increments. Rail assemblies are also available in “Non Sparking”.


guide rail
Discharge Manifolds

Discharge manifolds are offered in stainless steel, and schedule 80 PVC. Stainless steel manifolds both come standard with cast iron ball check valves, and brass gate valves. PVC manifolds come standard with PVC True Union Ball valves and stainless steel pump slide pipe with cast iron ball check valves. Simplex systems are available with stainless steel gate valves and Duplex systems are available with brass or stainless steel swing check valves, and with stainless steel gate valves.

Simplex Manifold Drawings (.pdf format)
Duplex Manifold Drawings (.pdf format)