Fiberglass Basins

Tapered Fiberglass Basins


Tapered fiberglass basins are most commonly used in hard piped “lift out” systems, and residential “projects”. Tapered fiberglass basins are produced using a one piece mold and with the combined economies of volume, reduced labor and cost, this is an ideal choice for many applications. Tapered basins are manufactured in diameters of 18”, 24”, 30”, 36”, and 48”. See page 30 in the Product Catalog for sizes available.

Straight Wall Fiberglass Basins

A straight wall fiberglass basin is often specified when dealing with larger and deeper applications. This basin is standardly supplied with a fiberglass anti-flotation flange and can be supplied with a square steel anti-flotation flange as well. Filament winding is a process where the majority of “glass” is positioned in the horizontal axis to give the basin strength around the circumference. To ensure the glass that is placed in the longitudinal axis is adequately bound together, we apply a “stitched uni-directional” glass ninety degrees from the “wound” glass. This application ensures the basin will not split or separate along a line of “wound” glass. This will also guarantee consistent strength throughout the basin. These basins are manufactured in diameters of; 24”, 30”, 36”, 42”, 48”, 54”, 60”, and 72” and in depths of 24″ to 360″. See pages 31 thru 38 in the Product Catalog for basins with fiberglass anti-flotation flanges and square steel anti-flotation flanges.

Basin with Fiberglass Anti-float
Basin with Steel Anti-float

Fiberglass Basins with Attached Valve Boxes

Fiberglass basins with attached valve boxes are available in either “Figure Eight” or “Key Hole” style. The valve box bottoms are built to drain any accumulated liquid toward the wet well, and exit the dry well into the wet well thru a simple drain, or check valve drain assembly. The attached valve box design allows for one piece installation with no valves in the wet well. See pages 39 and 40 in the Product Catalog for sizes available. Consult factory for your exact needs.